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Alaska Grown 

Rafter M FARM

Offering Beef, Pork, A2A2 Dairy shares, Free range chicken Eggs, Soaps and fresh produce

Mother Highland with calf

Highland Cattle
Beef and Calf sales


Our 40 acre farm is located on the North side of Cohoe on the Kenai Peninsula. We raise highland cattle for beef, Jersey dairy cattle, pasture pork, egg laying chickens, honey bees and a large market garden and hightunnel

Highland calf

Breed Advantages

Beef and pork by the half or whole side. We harvest your animal and deliver to the butcher (Premier Custom Meats) where it will be weighed. You pay us by the hanging weight pound. The butcher will contact you for cut and packaging instructions and you will pick up from her and pay her processing fee. 

Calves are sold as weanlings in the fall. We have spring calves that stay with mom at pasture until weaning age of 6 months

Contact us for prices and availability and to get on our list

~Calving Ease

~Exceptional Foragers and Browsers

~Ease in handling with Docile Temperaments

~Lean, Tender, Flavorful Beef

~They do very well in Alaska's climate

~Picturesque Heritage Breed

Milk Shares

Registered Jersey Cow

Bunny, our dairy cow gives creamy, A2A2 milk. We milk twice a day and have a share program available to the community. A herd share is your opportunity to get fresh, raw milk for your family. We are committed to the health and happiness of our animals. Bunny is kept with Roxy and Lucillia our two dairy heifers and future milkers. We feed Delta barley and alfalfa pellets. They get local hay in the winter and have their own pasture and barn for summer grazing. Their stalls are cleaned out twice a day, every day. I milk by hand and machine. All milk is filtered and put on ice.

Contact us via text or call for more information on our herd share program.

Raw Jersey Cow Milk

Garden & Produce

In the spring and early summer I offer a small amount of plant starts for your home garden. By July I usually have a variety of produce available for sale. I grow a lot of tomatoes, peppers, onions, zucchini, cucumbers, potatoes, greens and a large variety of herbs. 

Flowers on Wood
Alaskan dandelion soap

The Soap Miller

All our small batch handmade soaps are crafted using local Alaskan herbs and Raw milk or whey from Bunny, the dairy cow! We strive to use responsibly sourced oils, high quality essential oils and all natural colorants provided by mother nature. We also take special orders and bulk orders.

Follow the link below to visit our website.

the soap miller

Chickens, Turkeys and Eggs

We always have a flock of free range chickens for eggs and a few turkeys for predator control!

Contact us to check availability of weekly eggs or pasture raised meat chickens to fill your freezer!

Value Added

Alaska Grown Calendula
Canning Pickles
Alaska grown pepper jack cheese
Alaska Watermelon Berry Jelly
Alaska wild rose soap
Kasilof Apiary box
Calendula cow milk soap
Kasilof grown peppers
Sourdough loaf
raw milk soaps
Alaska grown pickled peppers
Alaska grown fresh eggs
Alaskan Cheese
Fresh basil soap
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